Brocade Floral Reversible Corset, Red-Black

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Product SKU: WTR-03-RB
77 €

2 corsets in 1!

Reversible brocade waist training overbust corset. It can be wear on both sides!

This corset has fully adjustable strong lace with modesty panel which hides skin at the back. One inch wide hidden waist tape strengthens the waistline for perfect fit. 5 layers of fabric for strenght and support.
Waist training corsets can provide remarkable waist reduction (more than 8-12 cm). That is why these corsets are designed to be enduring and could provide suitable support and figure training




Waist Training Overbust, Reversible

Full description of corset>>


Sweetheart, Standard Lenght

Pattern description>>


mild sweetheart


24 pcs of flat steel bones all around

Bust to Bottom Lenght

38.1 cm (15")

Colour Side 1

red, small floral pattern

Colour Side 2

black, small floral pattern


brocade (100% polyester)

Front Opening

metal zip

Modesty Panel

15 cm (6") wide, removable


8 m long strong lace

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