Measuring for a Corset

Accurate body measuring is crucial to choose the right corset size.

Measuring for a Corset

  • You can easily measure your body using a tape.
  • Always measure yourself at least twice.
  • Relax your muscles while measuring.
  • Hold the tape tensely while measuring.


1. Bust: the biggest circumference of the bust. Tensely hold the tape horizontal around your bust while measuring. Do not wear a padded bra!

2. Underbust: this circumference is needed for underbust corsets. Tensely hold the tape horizontal around and under your bust.

3. Waist: the smallest circumference of the torso. Usually it can be measured at the belly button. Do not take a deep breath while measuring. You should relax your muscles and take a small breath while tensely hold the tape around your body.

4. Hip: the circumference around the hip bones. Usually this measurement is called as upper hip. We need this value for corsets.


If you have your body measurements then you can choose your corset size by the SIZE CHARTS.

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