Steel Boned Corset Type

Corsets with flat-steel boning represent the true, classical type of corsets. The framework of the corset consists of 12 flat-steel bones, and two spiral bones at the bust part which ensure the right support and a nice shape. The flat-steel bones are not as flexible and are stronger than the plastic bones. They can be bent just in two directions: back and forth. These corsets can provide 5-8 cm waist reduction. The weight of corsets with flat-steel boning is 500 grams, which is more than double the weight of the fashion corsets. By wearing these you can shape your figure to be the classical feminine hourglass.  These corsets can provide suitable support for bust and waist reduction in plus sizes. Corsets with flat-steel boning are triple layered. The outside layer is made from high quality synthetic brocade and satin. The inside layer is made from 100% cotton so it is comfortable to wear. There is a middle layer which ensures more support and strengthening. The inside waist band of the corset strengthens the waist part even more. On the lace part there is a modesty panel from the same material, covering the back. You can order some styles with removable panels which can be worn with an open back. Corsets with flat-steel boning are recommended to be worn on special occasions. If you are intending to wear them every day, then corsets with spiral-steel boning used for figure training are recommended.

The classical corsets are closed in the front part with busk, but there are styles which can be ordered with zip fasteners. There are also others which are front closed. Steel-boned corsets have enduring lacing, so that they could provide suitable support even in case of tight lacing. The lacing of corsets with steel boning differs from the lacing of fashion corsets. As these corsets are usually used for waist training, they need special lacing, where you have to tighten the lace on the waist part.

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