Fashion Corset Type

The fashion corset is not the original "real” corset. It is a simplified version of it. Its primary function is not figure training, but to accentuate a fashionable, feminine figure. Fashion corsets are the most popular corset type because they are confortable and can give you a nice feminine look. There are plastic bones inside (usually 10-16 pcs) which provide the frame of the corset. The plastic bones bend easily, and in this way the corset is flexible and more comfortable. They are light, about 150-200 grams. When there is too much pressure on them they can become deformed or damaged. That is why in the case of plus sizes it is worthwhile to think over the investment in a steel-boned corset. Though they are more expensive, they are more enduring as the boning is steel.

Fashion corsets have only one layer, which is why they do not ensure strong support, but in warm weather can be more pleasant to wear.

Fashion corsets do not provide much figure training as neither the bones nor the material can bear much pressure and tight lacing. They can hold together the little cushions on the abdomen and on the waist and by this they can sculpt the figure, but they can just cinch in the waist by 2-3 cm.

Fashion corsets can be fastened on the front with busk, which are made from flexible metal. Some styles have hidden hook and eye closure which is perfect when you are wearing your corset under your clothes. There are corsets which are closed in the front and can be fastened with a zip or hook and eye on their side. In most styles the corset is open at the lacing part, leaving the back exposed. But there are corsets with modesty panels at the back. These panels are 11 cm wide and are fastened to one side of the corset. (FP- item number corsets). The corset’s lacings are from satin, which is not strong enough for tight lacing. The satin lace is going through the grommets in a bi-directional way (like in shoe lacing) ending on the upper side. If you do not have a helper to put on the corset, then it is worthwhile to change this method of lacing to the steel-boned corset way of lacing. It is called "bunny-ears lacing,” as lacing ends in bunny ears at the waist. Corsets laced with this kind of method can be put on more easily.

Pay attention! If you want to reduce your waist with more cms, then you should choose a steel-boned corset. Fashion corsets are not suitable for waist reducing. They can hold the figure together and cover the "little cushions." Neither the material nor the bones of fashion corsets are strong enough to bear tight lacing long term, which can lead to damaging the corset. We cannot accept complaints on damages deriving from tight lacing.

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