Custom Made Corset - Brocade Small Floral Fabric

Made to Order
Product SKU: CM-Brocade-100
72 €


Corset pattern: 

Front opening: 


Don't you find the corset of your dream on Sensual Corset's website?

No problem! In the corset designer you can choose your favourite fabric, corset pattern and all the other things around your corset.

Here you can design a steel boned corset with BROCADE SMALL FLORAL (Brocade-100) fabric.

1. Choose your corset size! Here you can find the size chart and any help if you need >>

2. Select your favourite fabric! See images!

3. Choose your corset pattern! See descriptions here >>

4. Select the corset front opening!

5. Select the boning type of your corset!


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