Occasion - When do you wear your corset

  • If you are planning to wear the corset under your clothes as lingerie, then make sure that it is comfortable for you. The cutting of the clothes should be chosen in a way that the corset would not be visible. This is especially important in choosing the right bridal corset and dress. That is why a corset with a lower bust line or underbust corset is a better choice as lingerie. The busk and the lace of the corset should also be considered, as in some cases they can be seen through the dress. So front closed types or a corset with hidden front hook and eye closure should be chosen as lingerie. The front busk of a fashion corset are more hidden, so it could also be worn under clothes. Meanwhile a corset with steel boning despite all its advantages (strong support, providing good waist reduction) is thicker so wearing it under clothes, especially in warm summer days, is not ideal. To sum it up, a fashion corset is recommended to be worn under clothes, as it is lighter and cooler. In case of plus sizes, when waist reduction and support is more important, a steel-boned corset can be recommended even as lingerie. If you are planning to wear a steel-boned corset as lingerie, then stay lace should be changed with satin lace, so that it would not be seen through the dress. In case of ordering, please note this and a satin lace will be provided for free and I will even lace it in for you.
  • If you would like to wear the corset as a dress, then you have to consider your figure. In case of plus sizes, a steel-boned corset is recommended. A steel-boned corset supports the bust nicely and reduces the waist size. A plastic-boned, plus-size corset is also a good option if you need to move a lot and flexibility is important. In cases of average and small sizes, both kinds of corsets can be worn as dresses.
  • If you would not like to expose your back, then corsets with steel boning are recommended as there is a  15-17 cm wide modesty panel under the lacing. In case of fashion corsets this panel is usually missing so your back is exposed. There are some exeptions, fashion corsets with the product number "FP-" have 11 cm wide modesty panel.
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