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If you have never worn a corset before then I would recommend an underbust corset for the first time as it is more comfortable and can be worn for more occasions. If you order an underbust corset you can get your size without needing your bust size, which can be the most problematic part.


Fashion Corset patterns

Overbust Fashion Corsets
    • Most fashion corsets have a sweetheart line over the bust. This style works well with all figures as it nicely accentuates de’colletage. Other styles have a milder sweetheart, or even a straight bust line. Styles with a straight-line top suits ladies with an average- or bigger-bust size, and these styles are also preferable to wear as lingerie. Those styles which have a straight-line top can flatten the bust so it is not recommended for everybody, but for those with a fuller figure these styles can accentuate the de’colletage. This style is also recommended to be worn under clothes.
    • The length of the fashion corset is between 36 and 39 cm, most of them are 38-39 cm. We cannot provide a longer style fashion corset.

Fashion Corset Patterns

Underbust Fashion Corsets
  • Underbust corsets are more practical, because you can wear them more often, with a variety of clothes, than overbust corsets. You can even wear them in the summer with a blouse or top. The number of variations is countless.
  • The length of these in the classical style is about 26 cm. There are styles with shoulder bands. It suits well to everybody, irrespective of body build. It accentuates the feminine form beautifully. It is highly recommended for ladies with a small bust, as wearing it with a top can enlarge the appearance of the breasts.


Steel Boned Corset Patterns

Overbust Steel Boned Corsets
  • The bust part of our corsets with steel boning are made according to four main patterns (sweetheart, deep-cut, Edwardian, Victorian). The classical sweetheart line is recommended for everybody, irrespective of bust size, because it nicely accentuates the de’ colletage. There is a little difference between the top part of a normal- and a long-heart-line corset. Namely, that the long-heart-line corset pushes up the bust more than the normal-heart-line corset. Corsets with deep-cut have the largest cut at the bustline so you can show a little bit more to the audiance. The difference between an Edwardian top and a straight top is that the Edwardian corset has an ascending curve on top. The Edwardian style is more favourable for ladies with a fuller figure, as  small breasts are flattened a bit in these corsets. The Victorian style top is also recommended for ladies with an average- or larger-bust size, as its top line is straight.
  • The length of the corset depends on the style. We have corsets with nomal-length, it is between 37-39 cm. The longer version is 44-46 cm long and is recommended for women taller than 170 cm. The Edwardian style is a few cm longer than the normal style (39-41 cm). Our shortest overbust corset is the Victorian style, which is 36-37 cm.

Steel Boned Corset Patterns

Steel Boned Underbust Corsets
  • As I have mentioned in the fashion-corset section, an underbust corset is more versatile than an overbust corset. It can be varied with tops and blouses and other pieces of clothing. It can be worn with jeans and a top or with a black dress on a more formal occasion.
  • Our steel-boned underbust corsets can be ordered in two different lengths, normal or longlined. The longer style is recommended for women taller than 170 cms. The normal length underbust corsets are 26 cm long on the front. The longline style is 33 cm at front. An underbust corset suits everybody well, irrespective of body build, and accentuates the feminine form beautifully. It is highly recommended for ladies with a small bust, as wearing it with a top give the appearance of a larger bust.
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