Boning - Fashion or Steel Boned Corset

  • In case you have never had a corset before, you are going to feel that fashion corsets with plastic boning have enough support. It is true even in the case of plus sizes (above 2XL), though steel-boned corsets can provide stronger support. Choosing a corset with plastic boning as your first one would be recommended, as it is lighter, its material and boning is not as strong so it will not feel too tight. If dressing comfortably is more important for you than strong support, then choosing a plastic-boned fashion corset is a good choice.
  • Of course you can start wearing a corset with steel boning. I recommend this if you need a plus size as they offer stronger support. The material and strong support helps reduce waist size.    
  • I would also recommend a steel-boned corset for those who would like to emphasize a feminine figure, would like to do waist training, and would like a strong, enduring garment.
  • You need to consider that a corset with steel boning needs a "breaking-in time” before you could start wearing it regularly. Your body also needs to get used to it. Give time for yourself as well. A steel-boned corset can be an important part of your closet and by wearing it regularly you can reach good results in waist training. Still the saying, "You have to pay a price for beauty” is true in the case of wearing a corset. You need time to get used to the feeling of wearing it. After this "breaking-in time," the corset may be your favourite garment, as it creates a beautiful hour-glass figure, slims the waist, and offers good support.
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