Breaking in the Corset

I am sure you have invested money in order to have this beautiful piece of garment be part of your closet for a long time, so I recommend the following advice.

You will need to "break in" a steel-boned corset. It is especially important if you would like to do every day figure training and a high degree of waist training (10 cm) by wearing waist training corsets.

Why is it important to break in a steel-boned corset? Becasue at the end it will suit you well and you will have a stunning garment, which can last a life time. When you put on a steel-boned corset the first time it is still stiff, not flexible, as it has just been made. It may not sit well at the bust and waist. The reason for this is that the bones have not been broken in, they are stiff. The aim of "breaking in” the corset is that the bones would become more flexible, and the corset would mold itself to your body.

If you tighten the corset too tightly before breaking it in, you can damage the material. If the material in the panels are not streched proportionately due to tight lacing this can lead to deforming of the corset. Moreover the clasps can also be damaged by sudden tight lacing. Furthermore, when you purchase your first steel-boned corset your body also needs time to get used to it. During the breaking in time, the corset molds itself to your body, the bones are becoming more flexible and can also fit well on your body. After this time you can bravely wear your corset on a daily basis.

General Rules of Breaking in a Corset
  • Wear your corset at home every day for two hours during two weeks. Do not tight lace the corset while breaking in. Lace yourself not more than 5 cm according to your natural body measurements.
  • If you would like to do it faster you could break in your corset for a week. In this case, wear your corset for two hours in the morning and for two hours in the afternoon during a week (do not wear it four hours continually). Lace yourself not more than 5 cm according to your natural body measurements.

Last but not least, you can wear your corset in that case when you don't have enough time to break in it properly. But keep in mind that you should not thight-lace the corset. Always start the breaking in process ASAP when you get it and wear it some time before you go out in your new corset.

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